Explorers Fund

The Explorers Fund is currently not accepting new submissions.

We are mindful that there may be a number of talented Harry Charles type writers and photographers with a wanderlust that lack the resources to explore and report on these types of locations. We are going to do something about it.

We have set up a fund to assist emerging writers and photographers, to enable them to travel to locations anywhere in the world - including Australia.

What’s required? Applicants will need to send us a submission outlining their proposed destination and why they think it is worthy, together with a portfolio of their photography. We need to be satisfied that the willing applicant is capable of taking a decent image worthy of publishing in Ceresechuca. The proposed location is entirely up to the applicant but it must have appeal to the readers of this magazine. Applicants will need to research the fishing opportunities available in any given place and detail the proposed species to be sought, time of year, access issues, whether any boats or guides are available (if applicable), and estimate of costs and similar.

Preference will be given to locations that have never appeared in print before. For the intrepid adventurer there are still plenty of places left on this earth that have untapped fishing, yet they have never been reported on - whether that be from a remote creek or island system in the Australian outback, the steamy jungles of Colombia, pristine bonefish flats on some remote atoll or even the frigid waters off Antarctica! The world is your oyster - so to speak.

We are not after submissions relating to established fishing locations. Basically, the more remote and challenging locations will be given preference as that fits in with the ethos of this magazine. However, the proposed location must be realistic. It's no good travelling to a place only to find there are no boats or local guides available. Having said that, the place selected may not require boats or guides - such as solo walking into wilderness streams. In any event, we want to see the research that has gone into addressing the practicality on any trip.
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