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Volume 22 is the last issue of Ceresechuca. Set out hereunder is the Editorial in the final issue detailing why we are no longer going to publish Ceresechuca.

After eleven years of publishing, sadly this will be the last edition of Ceresechuca. Why? Although the magazine has always been - and continues to be - profitable since its launch, the issue is, I am fast approaching 61 years of age and I have other interests in life to pursue without being tied down to producing Ceresechuca.

I have a passion for photography and in particular birds and wildlife. I want to pursue these interests more. For example, I am currently working on 2 coffee table books on Kimberley Birds and Australian Finches. To date I have clocked up over 2000 hours in the field capturing the most comprehensive range of finch behavioural images ever recorded. It will take another 500 or so hours in the field in order to complete the finch book. After that I will turn my attention to parrots and cockatoos. This will require a lot of my valuable time. The pursuit of a passion is for me more important than any income that I will be forgoing in producing Ceresechuca.

In my life time I have been fortunate enough to travel and discover some great locations and capture every species I have ever desired to pursue. Highlights include a 172lb Nile perch in Egypt, taimen to 60lb in Mongolia, king salmon over 40lb on fly in Alaska, freshwater dorado over 40lb in Argentina, peacock bass to 24lb in Brazil and more 40 and 50lb black bass and barra in West Papua than I can recall. Of all the highlights, the best one was being in the Kimberley with my then eleven year old son, Jesse, when he captured and released the IGFA junior world record barramundi of 50lb. Now at 28 years of age that record still stands today.

Despite the highlights I must say I am getting a little bored with fishing. Whilst I will continue to fish it doesn’t excite me as much as it once did. After all, there are only so many ways to catch and photograph fish and fishing action. I find that bird photography is in many ways similar to fishing in the sense that it involves locating and stalking various species and then getting close enough to capture a compelling image. There is a great challenge in finding them in the first place and it pays to develop a knowledge of their behaviour and habitats in which they are found including learning and recognising their calls. Just like with finding fishing locations I study Google Earth and locate small waterholes and then trek into them to hopefully find my target birds. This has been especially effective in locating Gouldian finches, one of the most desirable species around.

There is not enough time left in my life to pursue and photograph all the bird species on my own bucket list. Other than Australia I want to target hummingbirds and macaws in South America, waxbills and weavers in Africa. The list is both exciting and huge, but it means that I can’t continue to devote the amount of time that I currently do pursuing fish, birds and publishing a magazine.

There will be one exception and that is yearly trips to West Papua (see promo this issue). West Papua is such a fascinating place (and came to prominence through the pages of this magazine), possessing some of the greatest black bass and barra fishing on the planet, that it is hard to wean myself away. I will continue to make yearly trips to this region and loyal readers have the chance to come along.

On the subject of readers and advertisers I would like to thank-you both for your loyal support over all these years. It is great that that you shared the same vision that I had of a quality fishing magazine, the likes of which have never been seen before. Take a look at the Hoodoo Gurus article in this issue. It’s the longest ever published in fishing magazine history - at 32 staggering pages!

It’s probably instructive to repeat what I said on the website when the magazine first kicked off. “A fishing journalist for over 30 years, Col has become disillusioned with the mediocrity and sameness of mainstream fishing magazines where articles are often compacted into 4 or 5 pages and provide only superficial treatment of a subject matter. In typical fashion - Col - decided to produce not only Australia’s but the world’s most stunning fishing magazine supported by some of the highest quality and innovative photography ever to be published. The reaction from readers has been staggering and reinforces our desire to bring to our readers in graphic detail some of the most exciting locations to fish. In the process we will continue to explore and develop brand new fisheries that have never appeared in print before”.

I’ve never enjoyed chasing up advertisers and I have really appreciated the loyal bunch we have on board to this day. I have taken the view that I didn’t want the magazine swamped with adverts and have been known to knock some back and forgo revenue because I didn’t believe in the quality of the product or I needed to allocate more pages for a particular article.

To some extent others are now applying what Ceresechuca first started. Good luck to them. I hope they do well and take up the mantle and raise the bar where Ceresechuca left off. I am so proud to have set Ceresechuca as the benchmark for fishing photography.

Back issues (and books) will still be available on the website for some time to come and will become collectors’ items. For subscribers, refunds will be organised but the easiest way is to email me your bank account details and direct deposits made.

It’s been a great journey and I’ve loved reading all of your positive letters and emails over the years. Now, I can fully devote my attention to pursuing bird photography in great locations and the next chapter in my life. Life is too short. I won’t be completely riding into the sunset with regard to fishing. Every now and then I’ll pen the occasional article, but this time, for other fishing magazines on the market.

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